Cover the book Kraton Jogja

Kraton Jogja, Sejarah dan Warisan Budaya, a book published by PT Indonesia Kebanggaanku – publisher of Keris Jawa, antara Mistik dan Nalar – reveals many stories and interesting things about the historical background of Karaton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Kraton Jogja), as well as its large and significant roles and contributions in the Indonesian history since ancient times until present days.

Various aspects of culture that is very rich and interesting as an important heritage of Kraton Jogja is also showed in this book, ranging from the worldview, kingship and kinship, architecture, science, astronomy and education, politics, economics and law; to traditions and heritage, literature, art, food and jamu (herbal medicine); as well as vision and mission for the future of Yogyakarta, which is summarized in the slogan Jogja Never Ending Asia.

Book Kraton Jogja - sample page spreads opening chapter Sample chapter opening page of Kraton Jogja book

Given such a rich and vast materials to be presented in this book, what should be done by our design team is to make a neat and elegant book design, which is also should looks interesting and good.

This is done by taking four things into account :

First, determine the appropiate book dimensions, that can provide a creative space roomy enough to establish a neat and elegant layout design.

Second, select and cultivate the very rich and huge amount of photo materials appropriately, by taking into account the sequence of images, image quality, cropping, framing, size proportion and harmony.

Third, avoid unnecessary styling, treatment and the addition of design elements that will only make the the design look dirty and crowded.

Fourth, select the appropiate fonts and typographic treatments in accordance with its function and purpose.

buku kraton jogja contoh awal bab Book Design : Kraton Jogja, Sejarah dan Warisan BudayaSample chapter beginning spread of Kraton Jogja book

buku kraton jogja contoh spread1 Book Design : Kraton Jogja, Sejarah dan Warisan BudayaSample spread design – leather puppets (wayang) heirloom collection of Kraton Jogja

buku kraton jogja contoh spread2 Book Design : Kraton Jogja, Sejarah dan Warisan BudayaSample spread design – collection of the regalia of Kraton Jogja